Adding things!

Today I added a few new pages to the site. I think I will restore my old stuff eventually, but I don’t know when. I miss knowing that my terrible unity game I made in 1 night doesn’t exist online any where.

Anyway, I have added a new painting section, and I have also added a programming challenge area. I will update them when I can, or when I do challenges.

The Painting section will just be used as a gallery for the most part, but I do have some things to say about painting things so I have have some text laying around.

The Challenges are usually something I do when I am bored and feel like I am forgetting how to script in Python. It’s actually amazing how much I have used python in jobs to just automate things I don’t want to do all the time. It’s such a great and simple language.

I also added a contact form. I assume it will be targeted with spam, and i’ll soon see 10,000 messages like in my old WordPress site, but who knows.

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