Arcadia Quest

On my 30th Birthday my brother got my a game I really wanted. The concept was simple. You had a bunch of clown like hero’s trying to campaign through multiple maps to kill a vampire. The guilds are greedy, and only 1 person can be the hero that saves the kingdom, so the guilds fight each other as well.

this was the first board game I painted, and it an interesting experience due to how cartoon-like and large they were. They had enlarged features, and it forced me for the first time to attempt to paint an eye.

Hero Group Shot!

These are all the playable characters. Some where fun to paint, and others no so much. This is one of those games that was done through kickstarter, so I am missing a lot of it unfortunately.

Here is a better picture at each hero painted.

Each guild consisted of 3 characters.

Here is the monsters I painted.

Over all I think it was a fun experience painting these guys, and it added so much to the game. It was really cool to not see grey plastic everywhere.